Serving Chicago & the Suburbs

Our customers represent sole proprietorship, partnership C Corporation, S corporation, or limited liability companies (LLC), from Chicago and Gurnee to Grayslake and Hyde Park. We serve small businesses, independent contractors, freelancers and seasoned professionals. 

Accurate recordkeeping of customers financial transactions and events is the core of what we do at Bookkeeping 4 Less. We provide bookkeeping services for accrual, cash, or non-for-profit organizations across the Chicagoland area. 

Monthly & Quarterly Bookkeeping Services Available at Affordable Prices

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Bookkeepers here to Help!

We will take monthly & quarterly day-to-day bookkeeping task off your to-do list. We will manage recording payments from customers and entering bills from vendors.

We understand the accounting cycle. We will accurately, analyze, record and post all transactions to the correct general ledger account.


Analyze the transaction

Examine every transaction to see how and where it should be recorded.


Record the transaction


Post the transaction to the general account

Transactions are posted daily, weekly, or monthly by using the best secured accounting software.


Prepare the trial balance and adjusted trial balances

We make sure our client’s general ledger is in balance. We make sure total debits and total credits are equal at the end of each accounting period and for year-end. We make adjustments when needed.


Prepare the financial statements

We prepare income statements, balance sheets, statements of owners’ equity, and the statement of cash flows.


Close the books

We close out revenue and expenses at the end of each accounting period so that when the next period starts, these accounts have a zero balance.

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